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Hi There, 

let me help you

brand your e-commerce business and attract your ideal customer through visual and textual storytelling.


Is your business:

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Ellen Stofmeel Marketing

branding specialist and  

storytelling enthusiast 

+ A conscious e-commerce business that focuses on fulfilment and passion, is creating a community, and gives back to nature?

+ Focused on sustainability, but also likes to bring a good vibe? 

+ Ready to take steps to see more growth, more clients, and more revenue? ​

+ An internationally oriented global business?  

then you are in the right place

Hi! I am Ellen, founder of Ellen Stofmeel Marketing. I am here for you to grow your e-commerce business into one that is in line and resonating with your ideal customer. I work with people from all over the world and I am ready to get your business ahead.

The goal of branding is not to attract everyone,
it is to attract the right people that resonate with your brand. 

What do people say?

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I feel honored to work with Ellen. She's smart, creative, and lightning-fast. Content creation and storytelling are essential to growing my brand, but it's hard and often overwhelming to be present consistently.


Ellen did an incredible job to bring peace, structure, and fun into the process. Thanks to her I am able to attract more clients, hit my KPIs, and free up lots of mental space.


Thanks Ellen!

I am specialised in:




Visual and


Creating campaigns that
stand out


Analyzing results and content

What value can you expect?

1. creating strategies
I know how challenging creating a strategy sometimes can be. I bring a ton of insights, good questions, and a listening ear to the table. After our discussion(s), I go to work by creating a suiting strategy for your business. This strategy can be based on an existing strategy or a new (re)branding/content strategy.

2. visual and textual storytelling
I love content creation. In my opinion, the recipe for the best content is a combination of storytelling through visuals and text. I aim to be conscious of where your brand stands and what it wants to portray.

I help out with content creation, writing blogs, creating newsletters, email funnels, website texts and more. 

3. creating campaigns that stand out
Marketing campaigns are an accumulation of your thoughts, ideas, and visions for a new or existing service/product/happening in your business. I am here to help create campaigns that are a bridge between your brand and its customers. 

4. analyzing results and content 
Before starting we will always set realistic KPIs. We will discuss a timeframe in which we want to analyze the results. To be able to see what went well and where there is room to keep on optimizing. Step by step we bring your business to where it wants to be!

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Three steps to working with me


1. Get in touch with me through either Email, Instagram, or entering your email in the subscription box below.

2. We will set up a talk through Zoom, completely free of charge. During this talk, we will have a chat about what I can do for you and your business. 

3. Are you satisfied? I will then create a detailed plan, that we will both look at and agree upon. This can be from a couple of social media posts per week to a package full of everything comms and branding. It's all up to you.

Personal note

After having lived abroad for a couple of years, whilst working from different co-working spaces in Bali, Australia, and Europe I felt that I wanted to combine my passion for marketing and storytelling as a remote freelancer. 

Working together with sustainable e-commerce brands truly makes my heart beat faster. I am here to help tell your brand's story!

I can't wait to dive into the world of branding strategies, storytelling, and campaigns together with you!

Let's create stories

that resonate with

your ideal customer 

Your questions answered

1. I have never worked with a remote freelancer, what should I be aware of?

I am a firm believer that our teamwork will be as smooth online as in real life. Therefore I don't think that there is anything special that you should be aware of. But if I have to name one thing: a stable internet connection is the only thing we need!

2. Can we discuss the different platforms and marketing techniques we want to hire you for?

100% - Before we start working together we will analyze and discuss exactly what is needed for your business. We will dive into social media platforms, marketing techniques, and other services I can provide. 

3. What kind of projects have you worked on?

As a marketing specialist, I have worked for multiple bigger and smaller e-commerce businesses on content creation, online community building, and as a marketing strategist/consultant. I love what I do and I continuously keep myself updated with the latest trends, tools, and techniques. 

Let's get in contact

Send me a message for more information!

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Ellen Stofmeel Marketing

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